Why cans/glassware

why cans/glassware

We care about the environment.Both materials – aluminum cans and glass – can be recycled infinitely and completely.

Drinks contained in cans and glass, unlike PET bottles, are pasteurized gently without the need to use preservatives (which are in fact approved poisons).

For instance, a ticking bomb is the use of preservative sodium benzoate combined with vitamin C/L-ascorbic acid, which creates harmful benzol. Authorities have known for a long time that even a slight amount (even a few molecules) can cause cancer or leukemia or other severe diseases… And in an open PET bottle, its amount further increases due to oxidation!

It is generally known that PET bottles (even the most eco-friendly ones) release chemical substances into the drink, including air, whose oxidizing effect can trigger unwanted chemical reactions.